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The most important purpose of a prepurchase survey is for the safety of the passengers and crew and to provide you, the buyer an assessment of the condition and value of the vessel, its machinery and equipment. Therefore you can make an informed decision on your purchase. Insurance companies and financial institutions also rely and most times require a survey before purchase. In addition to broker recommended surveyors, remember your paying for it and have the right to choose your own.

All surveys are conducted using the guidelines provided by:

  • US Code (USC) and Code of Federal Regulation (CFR) which are the laws and regulations that govern the design, construction and use of boats
  • National Fire Protection Agency - (NFPA 302) the fire protection standard for pleasure and commercial motor craft.
  • American Boat & Yacht Council - standards and recommended practices for small craft.
A prepurchase survey is a crucial type of inspection and strongly advised when purchasing a used vessel. If you do not choose Sound Marine Survey for your prepurchase survey, choose another SAMS or NAMS surveyor. The survey could save the prospective buyer thousands of dollars by advising him of possible defects. Condition and overall operation of the vessel will be observed and documented. This includes such items where accessible as bilge bulkheads and stringers, electrical systems, engines and running gear, hull bottom, fuel system, standing and running rigging on sail boats, safety devices and overall appearance.

The completed survey will be emailed and consist of an extensive written report documenting the particulars of the vessel, its equipment and a sea trial report. A separate findings section consisting of any deficiencies with suggested recommendations, current market value and replacement cost. A picture section is also included in the final report.


Gary A. Washienko, AMS